Ayurveda vegan organic food helps us identify ourselves as vata, pitta and kapha, thus relating our bodies to the elements of the universe. The forces of the elements are present inside and outside of us, therefore caring for and respecting your own body begins at home. Ayurveda is a living ideal with worldly principles that include all cultures. Ayurvedic cooking is certainly not modern Indian cooking as you would have gathered from visits to our restaurants. The menu at our restaurants is unique, thus making customers even more curious about ayurvedic food.

What exactly is this healing cuisine?

Food is the very essence of our bodies. The mind is affected by the conditions of the body. So ultimately food affects our state of consciousness. As pointed out in the Hindu spiritual scripts, vegetarian food ensures good health and longevity.

Some Facts About Our Restaurant

We do not handle meat, poultry, seafood and eggs in our kitchens.
Our food is made by hand in our kitchens from vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, nuts and seeds.
We do not have microwaves in our kitchens
Please allow ample time to partake of this food cooked the natural way.
To ensure seasonal fresh ingredients, not every menu item is always available.
Our food is cooked in 18/10 stainless steel cookware using filtered, softened and purified water.
Our kitchen is exclusively free of honey and peanuts.
Our “to go”containers are made of paper.
We use rice bran oil which is cholesterol free, trans fat free, non hydrogenated and is not GENETICALLY MODIFIED.
We use natural sweeteners such as, maple syrup, molasses, agave nectar, brown rice syrup, fruit purees and juices and a limited amount of organic raw cane sugar.
We use rice based noodles.
We use braggs amino acids and not soy sauce.
All dressings and sauces are made fresh in our kitchens.
Our loose leaf teas are served in unbleached, chlorine free tea bags.
Our foods do not contain MSG.
Our sandwiches and wraps can be made GLUTEN FREE.
Our pastas are GLUTEN FREE.
Our chocolate chips are VEGAN and UNSWEETENED.
Our CHAI is made from scratch using whole spices and black tea.
Fresh GINGER is used throughout the menu.
Our foods do not contain artificial coloring.
Our BREAD is always VEGAN and made in our kitchens daily.
Our FLAT BREAD is YEAST FREE and cooked to order.
Animals Are My Friends and I Don’t Eat My Friends.
- George Bernard Shaw
Eating seasonal and local food has been dictated by nature forever, not by the latest economic phenomena.
- Anon
Digestion starts outside the body; eat with your right hand.
- Anon
Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.
- Albert Einstein
Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can heal today.
- Yashoda Naidoo
When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.
- Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
- Hippocrates
It is no secret that we are literally made of what we eat, drink and breathe.
- Renée Loux
The fact is that there is enough food in the world for everyone. But tragically, much of the world’s food and land resources are tied up in producing beef and other livestock- food for the well-off, while millions of children and adults suffer from malnutrition and starvation .
- Dr. Walden Bello
Vegetarians have the best diet. They have the lowest rate of coronary disease of any group in the country… Some people scoff at vegetarians, but they have a fraction of our heart attack rate and they have only 40 percent of our cancer rate. They outlive men by about six years now.
- Dr. William Castelli
I think of veganism humbly and holistically. It’s about taking personal responsibility in a world so full of needless suffering. It’s challenging one’s self to open one’s eyes and question society’s assumptions and habits. It’s about critical thinking and compassion and how we would like to see the world evolve.
- Michael Gregor. M.D.
It is significant to note that those who live on vegetarian food are less prone to diseases, whereas non-vegetarians are subject to more diseases. Why? Because animal food is incompatible with the needs of the human body.
- Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Killing animals for sport, for pleasure, for adventure, and for hides and furs is a phenomena which is at once disgusting and distressing. There is no justification in indulging in such acts of brutality.
- The XLV Dalai Lama
Spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants.
- Mohandas Gandhi
I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of the whole human being.
- Abraham Lincoln