YAY! New location!

Finally! We've been waiting for a location in the NE for years. This. Is. Awesome.


Great Food

I have enjoyed this food for years. Great place to eat!


I eat at Annapurna's almost daily because I want to enhance my diet and [we]llness. Annapurna's has extraordinary food - fresh and well prepared. You can't beat the atmosphere - it's warm and welcoming.

Name not given

Being on a gluten free diet and having many food allergies, Annapurna's has served my special needs.

Michael Evans

Having gone to Annapurna's for the last 4+ years and eating there 5 days a week, I can truly say Annapurna's has helped my overall health.

Michael Evans

I love everything you serve at Annapurna. Make some recommendations and I'll order it to go. I took my 11-year-old to your Fourth Street location, and as we walked in he looked sort of stressed. So I asked him if he was ok, if he wanted to go somewhere else. He laughed and said no. He's so used to eating the one or two vegetarian items on a menu that he gets overwhelmed when we go someplace where he can eat everything on the menu. I thought you'd appreciate that. He really loves your place, as do I.

Mark Hartman

This restaurant has made me like vegetables, and everything tastes good! Nothing can taste bad. There is no such thing as bad food here. I am a vegetarian and my dad worries about me getting enough protein, but it doesn't matter here! I can get protein and make my dad happy. This is my favorite restaurant.

Dyllan Baldonado, age 12

Hooray! Ole! Bravo!

Finally an eatery that combines great food with good health. Annapurna's is a lovely combination of funky comfort - just perfect for relaxed dining - where else to eat while listening to divine music from exotic India.

Dan & Linda McDowell

I can't believe this restaurant had been in Santa Fe for over 10 years before I discovered it. I think I assumed it was a restaurant for "hippies" but then one of my "alternative" friends took me there for chai tea because she said it was the best in town. Well, it was indeed wonderful & I ordered something to eat, too, & now, I am hooked. It is delicious food, very satisfying & even better, I feel like I have actually contributed to my well-being afterwards. The cuisine is not just vegetarian -- it's largely based on Ayurvedic eating principles which follow the theory of "food as medicine". So they pay really close attention to ingredients, like the type of oil they use, spices, etc. The kitchari is amazing, so is the ginger tea, the banana cardomom pancakes w/pecan butter & coconut. I haven't tried their french fries yet, but they're very popular. As are the burrites & the wraps.

CB - Santa Fe, NM

A unique culinary experience and a wonderful vegan/vegetarian restaurant. We go at least once a month. I had a craving...for their beet soup. I can hear my Dad laughing in the ether, because I wouldn't touch a beet as a kid. The seasoning is out of this world and the rich fuschia color is enticing. Keep laughing Dad because I'll be back.

AL - ALBUQUERQUE, NM 01.14.2014

We love going to Annapurna because the food is super healthy & the restaurant is very open about letting folks know exactly what goes into everything. We have allergies so this is a very important factor in where we eat out. The restaurant was a little busy this time, so the service was not as fast as it sometimes is, but everything was delivered just as ordered & delicious as always. Highly recommend this restaurant & look forward to visiting every time I am in this part of town.

JJ - RIO RANCHO, NE 01.15.2014

Real food, good prices, great service.

MR - SANTA FE, NM 01.16.2014

I eat here all the time! I love the atmosphere of the UNM location, although it's a little "hippy-ish" for my husband. They serve vegan or vegetarian fresh ayurvedic food. My favorites are the saag paneer and mattar paneer, and the chapatis are fabulous. The chocolate date ladus are another favorite! Annapurna also supplies the kitchari for the nearby Ayurvedic Institute's cleansing program which is quite expensive. You can eat it at the restaurant much cheaper! I recently took a cooking class from the owner, Yashoda Naidoo, and saw how much thought and care she puts into her recipes. I would definitely categorize the food as cleansing, healthy, and delicious!!!

Brooke T - Albuquerque, NM 1/20/14

I feel healthier after I eat there, and I do like the atmosphere and their chai is great!

KD - ALBUQUERQUE, NM 01.30.2014

This was a very pleasant experience. I went mid-afternoon and had a light meal. It was happy hour for chai, which I love and why I went at that time of day. The food, (dahl and kitchari) was delicious and the service people were very attentive. I hung around for a long time and used the available internet service.

IW - ALBUQUERQUE, NM 02.04.2014

The healthiest food in town and the tastiest! You do not have to sacrifice taste here. Your non-vegetarian friends will be WOWED! The food is that good. It's fantastic!

VR - SANTA FE, NM 02.11.2014

I go to Annapurna Chai on 4th Street Mon. - Thursday for a delicious cup of hot chai. My favorite cashier is Bianca. My chai is ready before I even get in the restaurant door, and she can handle 50 hungry customers waiting in line with ease. I love coming to Annapurna Chai, and I especially love seeing Bianca's happy, smiling face!

Mary Alden-Allard

Today was my first time at Annapurna's the location on 4th Street, and I'm glad that I stumbled across this lovely restaurant. The atmosphere was welcoming, and refreshing. My server was quite plesent, and informed with helping me and my selection. I was recommended the "Thali Plate" Which was so fresh, clean, and a filling pallet symphony. I will be returning for the excellent food, and the friendly service from that tiny red hair girl. Thank you for the excellent service.


Very good and very interesting food choices at this casual eatery. I am always impressed with the high quality of ingredients.

JK - SANTA FE, NM 03.23.2014

If all vegetarian food was this good, I'd readily give up my carnivore ways. The complex, but not necessarily hot, spicing enhances rather than hides the flavor of the vegetables, legumes and/or grains in the dish. Annapurna's recreation of Shepard's Pie far surpasses the original in taste and healthfulness. Do not miss the restaurant when in Albuquerque. It is a gem.

GG - BELMONT, CA 05.05.2014

Outstanding uniqueness. Very special.

G T ALBUQUERQUE, NM 05.14.2014

We love Annapurna's and if you love vegetables, a peaceful atmosphere, and tasty healthful food you'll love this restaurant as well. Free refills on chai, purified water and lovingly prepared food make this place a gem.

DC - PORTLAND, OR 05.27.2014

Best Vegetarian restaurant in New Mexico.

MK - ALBUQUERQUE, NM 06.10.2014

I've gone to Annapurna's for several years, and I really love their food. I usually get a sandwich platter, which includes a side salad and fries. Their lavender iced tea is wonderful!

AM - ALBUQUERQUE, NM 06.10.2014

Another terrific meal at Annapurna! Both of us had the falafel wrap and took home half for lunch the next day. I had the soup and my wife had the french fries. A really flavor filled meal! We'll be back!

ML - ALBUQUERQUE, NM 07.14.2014

My husband was in the hospital for a few days and I stopped by Annapurna's a couple of times on my way to see him. I got take out and ate it at the hospital. I was very thankful that I could pick up wholesome nourishing food on the go. Getting proper nourishment helped me cope with the situation better than if I had neglected my nutrition. Thank you!

JF - ALBUQUERQUE, NM 07.14.2014

I've been to this restaurant a number of times and have always been happy with the food. They have a lot of healthy options with a changing variety of vegetables and a few different daily plates. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of food they provide. The atmosphere is nice and they have outdoor seating as well.

TR - ALBUQUERQUE, NM 07.14.2014

The tofu scramble is a great value packed with flavor and lots of side dishes to choose from! Add a cup of authentic chai to round out the meal and you're ready for the day.

JF - ALBUQUERQUE, NM 07.14.2014

I was looking for a healthy option for breakfast when we remembered Annapurna. A friendly environment welcomed me back from previous visits. The menu can be a bit perplexing when trying to navigate the Ayurvedic menu but the wait staff was very helpful. While waiting for my main part of my order I had the most amazing peach gluten free vegan muffin with mu usual soy chai. So wonderful I went I purchased 3 more.For someone who has been pastry free for most of a year this was nirvana. My visits in the past have been for lunch or dinner and this was my first breakfast. I will be back for many more.

UM - ALBUQUERQUE, NM 07.26.2014

We love Annapurna and we so trust the quality of the food. We value the gluten free safety of the kitchen and food.

JW - SANTA FE, NM 01.05.2015