Term Definition
Agave Nectar

The sticky sweet juice naturally extracted from the agave cactus.  It is a low glycemic food, meaning it is metabolized slowly.

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The biological fire of digestion and metabolism providing energy for the body to function.  The key to health and disease.

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Atta Flour

Flour from India – wheat alternative that has a very low gluten.

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Ayurveda is the Science of Life - a 5,000 year old system of Healing and well-being from India. “Ayur” means Life and “Veda” means Knowledge.  Ayurveda is the knowledge of longevity, which off ers healing, rejuvenation and self realization through balanced foods, herbs, yoga, massage, aroma and meditation.  Ayurveda teaches us to pay attention to how and what we eat and to take responsibility for our own health.

Ayurveda recommends Sattvic (pure) food for healing and maintaining good health. Sattvic food incorporates the six tastes in every meal: Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Astringent, Salty, and Pungent.

Ayurvedic food principles also include the seasons; the nine planets; the daily temperatures and using fresh organic produce.

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Ayurvedic Diet

"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need." - Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

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Basmati Rice

A long grain scented rice originating in the foothills of the Himalayas in India. Very digestible and nutritious.

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Chickpea flour used in Indian cooking as a binding agent.

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It is no secret that we are literally made of what we eat, drink and breathe.

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Bok Choy

A sweet, crisp, cooling and mild tasting green. It is beneficial in cooling the body and reducing mucus in the system.

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Vegetable protein from soy beans with purified water. Gluten-free substitute for soy sauce.

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Cardamom Pods

World’s third most expensive spice used in many of our recipes. Pungent spice seed from a tropical plant. The black seeds inside the pods are usually ground to flavor desserts.

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Indian word for tea. Often refers to a spiced black tea made with milk and sugar.

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Yeast free flat bread made from atta flour.

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A condiment made from fresh ingredients such as cilantro, coconut, dates, ginger etc., served cooked or raw.

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Indian name for lentils or pulses. An excellent source of protein in South Indian dishes.

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Digestion starts outside the body; eat with your right hand.

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Gluten free crepe made from rice and urad dal (Indian lentil).

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A clarified oil made from unsalted butter that has been gently cooked and the milk solids removed.

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Health is order; disease is disorder.

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Hing (aka Asafoetida Powder)

Made from resin of a large Indian plant related to fennel.

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Steamed dumplings made from rice and urad dal.

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A mixture of rice, dal, vegetables and spices that is easy to digest and high in protein.

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Ball shaped sweet commonly made from dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

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A refreshing drink made from yogurt, water and spices. Can be sweet or salty.

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  - Hippocrates

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Mung Dal

A small green bean that has been husked and split. Usually a medium yellow color and is easy to digest.

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Vegetable pieces such as yams and cauliflower dipped in a chickpea flour batter and deep fried.

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The simplest form of homemade cheese produced from boiling milk.

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The life force, the vital energy that activates body and mind.

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Deep fried bread made from Atta flour.

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A tasty condiment to accompany your meals and is a good aid to digestion made of yogurt, carrots, cucumbers, peppers and spices.

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The first experience of a taste of food in the mouth. There are six tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent.

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Spicy South Indian soup known to cure colds and flu.

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Rose Water

The diluted essence of rose petals used in the lassi drink.

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World’s most expensive spice used in some of our recipes.

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Soup-like lentil and vegetable dish spiced with chili and tamarind.

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Eating seasonal and local food has been dictated by nature forever, not by the latest economic phenomena.

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Saffron, world's most expensive spice, Vanilla, world's second most expensive spice, Cardamom, world's third most expensive spice

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Tandul Vadai

Patty made from rice and lentils and spices – deep fried.

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Let ayurveda's six tastes (Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter, and Astringent) tickle your five senses. 

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Sacred holy Indian basil plant. Sacred plant of Krishna. It is said to open the heart and mind, bestowing the energy of love and devotion.

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Urad Dal

This dried bean is a close relative of the mung bean, creamy white inside with a blackish skin. Has a high protein content.

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South Indian version of pizza. Dough is made from dosa batter which is gluten free.

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A high protein patty made from lentils and spcies and deep fried.

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World’s second most expensive spice used extensively in our baking.

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World Chai Latté

Different than our authentic Chai. A caffeine-free blend of tea with a spicy kick. Sweetened with agave and your choice of milk.

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Some Facts:

  • We do not handle meat, poultry, seafood and eggs in our kitchens.

  • Our food is made by hand in our kitchens from vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

  • We do not have microwaves in our kitchens

  • Please allow ample time to partake of this food cooked the natural way.

  • To ensure seasonal fresh ingredients, not every menu item is always available.

  • Our menu is almost vegan;unless otherwise noted.

  • Our food is cooked in 18/10 stainless steel cookware using filtered, softened and purified water.

  • Our kitchen is exclusively free of honey and peanuts.

  • Our “to go”containers are made of paper.

  • Our cheeses are rennet free.

  • Our milk is produced locally without pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

  • Our paneer (homemade cheese) is produced in our kitchens using whole milk.

  • We use rice bran oil which is cholesterol free, trans fat free, non hydrogenated and is not GENETICALLY MODIFIED.

  • We use natural sweeteners such as, maple syrup, molasses, agave nectar, brown rice syrup, fruit purees and juices and a limited amount of  organic raw cane sugar.

  • We use rice based noodles.

  • We use braggs amino acids and not soy sauce.

  • All dressings and sauces are made fresh in our kitchens.

  • Our soups are always vegan and gluten free.

  • Our loose leaf teas are served in unbleached, chlorine free tea bags.

  • Our Ayurvedic menu is free of onions, garlic, eggplant and tomatoes.

  • Our entrees and soups are unsweetened.

  • Our foods do not contain MSG.

  • Our sandwiches and wraps can be made GLUTEN FREE.

  • Our pastas are GLUTEN FREE.


  • Our chocolate chips are VEGAN and UNSWEETENED.

  • Our CHAI is made from scratch using whole spices and black tea.

  • Fresh GINGER is used throughout the menu.

  • Soy and tofu products are minimized.

  • Our foods do not contain artificial coloring.

  • Our KETCHUP is truly made in our kitchens.



  • Our BREAD is always VEGAN and made in our kitchens daily.


  • Our PIZZA dough is YEAST FREE and made in our kitchens daily.

  • Our FLAT BREAD(CHAPATI) is YEAST FREE and cooked to order.